Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stella is Six!

Six years ago, Glenn and I were so excited to meet our little Stella, that the night before i was to be induced, we ended up laying in bed all night wide awake.  It was like waiting for Christmas to come.  Every half hour or so, one of us would ask the other, "Are you still awake?".
Stella came into our world with tons of curly hair, rose bud lips, and eyes that had me at 'hello'.  This little one has such a special place in our hearts, and was just who we needed to come into our lives.  She is a bit of an old soul, and still teaches me many things.  Though I am always Mom first, she has become such a fun little friend to hang out with.  She has the silliest sense of humor, and has developed some pretty amazing impressions.  The girl can throw on an accent like nobody's business, and I am continually amazed at how patient she remains with a sometimes impatient Ruby.  She is the best big sister.  In fact, she is teaching Ru a preschool game in the Ipod, right now.  The two have become each other's cheerleaders (which is how family should be).  I am completely smitten with Miss Stella.  Check out how our little beauty has evolved:

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