Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, well, well...

Yeah, I can be a bit lazy, when it comes to the posting. I know. So, our Little Miss is now eighteen months old. Stella, ever the girly-girl, is into dolls and babies, more than ever (especially if they're swaddled). She LOVES the movie 'Hairspray'. She accidentally saw the opening number, when Glenn and I were watching the movie one night, and has been hooked ever since. Of course the soundtrack is in the car, should the need for a 'Hairspray' moment arise. Stella also loves to ride anything with wheels. She currently owns a scooter, and a skateboard. Now if we would just get around to getting her a trike (something she can actually use).
This semester Glenn is taking his classes during the day. Stella is adjusting. She has always had either mom or dad around during the day, so she in not the biggest fan of this change. Though, she does adore her Grammy who hangs out with her while Glenn is gone. As a result of this change in her little life, Stella feels the need to cling to something. That something is usually my leg, as I am trying to get out the door to work in the mornings. I know it is a temporary thing she is going through, this need to always be held and kissed by mom, but it sure makes me wish I could stay home, and play with this little one, for the next forty years.
The other night, Glenn and I were listening to some disco music, hoping it would inspire some primal need, in Stella, to express some rhythm. Sure enough, she started shaking her booty with total abandon. Who knew a child of mine could possess such abilities? Definitely one of the cuter things I have seen her do.