Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Glenn and I had decided we needed something really fun to do with Stella before the arrival of Baby Sister in January. After that, we will be so busy with school stuff, and adjusting to two kiddos, and just everyday life. The day after Halloween, we picked Stella up from school and headed right down to Anaheim. The unsuspecting cutie knew we were headed to a hotel, but thought we were just going to swim in the pool. She was such a good sport through a long drive. The next morning, as we were getting ready to head over to the park to surprise Little Miss, she became fixated on the swimming pool down below (she spotted the pool the night before while standing on the balcony). She was only willing to put on a bathing suit, until Glenn finally broke down and told her where we were actually headed. Of course she changed her tune real quick, getting ready in record time.
We went on most every ride in both parks.

Stella's favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion. She is a bit obsessed with 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' right now. We must have gone on the ride about a dozen times. Later on, she got to meet Jack and Sally. She was so starstruck.
The only ride Stella did not like was Splash Mountain. I think the slides were a bit much for her. You can only see the top of her head, but she was screaming on the way down.
Stella also got to meet Minnie Mouse, though she wouldn't stand next to her for the photo.
Here are a few other pictures from our days in the park:

We had so much fun. Stella has talked about our trip every day since we got back. She can't wait to go back with her sister and show her all the cool stuff.

The Gaming Bug..

Has bit this little one...

Halloween and Other Things

Let's See if I can get caught up... Halloween was fun this year, with our entire little family dressing up. Glenn was the Hulk, I was a lumpy, bumpy Mrs. Potato Head (forgot to get pics, sorry), and Stella was the cutest little witch you ever did see.. October was full of trips to the pumpkin patch, a Halloween celebration at school, decorating our little place, carving pumpkins with fun friends, and visiting the Halloween store enough times to decide that Stella is finally scared of the 'scary stuff' this year.
Another big thing that happened a few weeks before Halloween: Stella loves to write her name.
Lots of days find Stella out front decorating our sidewalk.