Monday, February 23, 2009

Chez Stelle

Stella made her first Rice Krispies Treats the other day. Thought I'd share the experience:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuppence A Bag

Feeding the birds is always fun, mostly because it can be amusing to watch seagulls or pidgeons take off with an ENTIRE slice of bread in their beak. This, we know, is just how the toddlers feed the birds.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Every year, we get together with a few friends and watch the big game, as well as the commercials. I must admit I was disappointed with the latter this year. The kiddos had fun, though.

Chinese New Year

This year we decided to head to Chinatown in the city and check out the Chinese New Year's Parade. Stella, as always, loved the BART ride. We met up with Tio Scotty and, after some creative manuevering by Glenn, were able to score a view just 15 feet from the parade:
This was before we could see any of the parade, and were playing with the camera:

Afterwards, we couldn't pass Blondie's without grabbing a slice - Stella is a fan.

Daddy and Stella

Momma and Stella

Tio and Stella

Gotta do it again next year!

Valentine's Day

This year Glenn and I had so much fun convincing Stella that she was our Valentine. Glenn thought it would be fun to fill Stella's room with balloons while she was sleeping.

She got to go to 'The Bear Store' and stuff her own Hello Kitty, complete with a fairy dress and sparkley shoes.
This is Stella's favorite friend right now. You can run, Kitty, but you can't hide