Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stella's First Baseball Game

Glenn and I are big Giants fans. I developed a love of baseball since meeting Glenn, so, of course my favorite team will be the San Francisco Giants. This may sound cheesy, but the experience of going to a baseball game, with thousands of other fans cheering for the same team, is just a bit magical. Here is a stadium full of people from different ethnic, social, and economical backgrounds, all pushing for the same goal - to win. For a few hours, differences are put on a shelf, and strangers are giving high fives, and speaking with enthusiasm to one another. Last Saturday, we took Stella to her first game - to see the Giants, of course. Glenn got Stella a Giants sweatshirt, so she looked the part. We got seats in a handicap section so we could have more room for all of the 'baby luggage'. It was perfect. When we got there, Stella's eyes were as big as saucers. She spent the first hour just taking it all in. When she wasn't snacking, flirting with those sitting around us, or clapping for a great play, she was exploring. We stayed through the sixth inning, as it was becoming quite chilly. Stella had so much fun! She crashed out, on the way home, and we even got some cute pics!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, would you look at that. We are finally doing this. It has been a crazy past year. We had a baby and changed careers, as well as switching parental roles. Enough said.
As for the addition to our little family, I am just giddy. I love parenthood, and am just head over heels with our little one. We have a daughter, Stella Jane, who just had her first birthday. She is sweet, independent, and silly. She is also a girlie-girl. She loves dollies, flowers, dogs, and kisses. We are just crazy about her. I can elaborate more on our adventures in parenthood, later.
After working for FedEx for 12 years, Glenn has decided to go back to school. He wants to study accounting. So, while he stays home with Stella, I work outside the home. We have been doing this for almost three months, and it seems to be working out well, for us. Stella has more than adjusted to Mom being away during the day, and Glenn is wonderful with her. Stella has so much fun with her daddy, during the day.

There's the intro... More to come!