Thursday, May 5, 2011

Favorite Things...

I am loving some particular things with our girls, these days.


1. She cannot get enough of Ruby, and constantly talks of all of the things she is going to show her little sister someday
2. Her ever-evolving sense of humor (she can take a joke as well as she gives them)
3. Her ability to laugh at herself (most of the time)
4. Stella can't wait to get a 'big girl' bike
5. Stella is great at praises, for anything and everything

The other day, we talked of visiting Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake. After that, Stella kept asking when we were actually going to the 'Square Temple'

Ruby (4 months):

1. She is grabbing everything that comes near her
2. Ruby is sucking/chewing on everything that comes near her mouth
3. She is super ticklish and has the most adorable giggle
4. She never really stops moving -legs are always going, and eyes are always looking around trying to take everything in. This girl doesn't want to miss out on a thing.
5. When Ruby smiles, her mouth opens wide, and it takes up half of her face - so cute!
6. I have to mention the yummy, chubby legs and cheeks - I am always squeezing them...

Pics to come, probably towards the end of the month, when the camera is unpacked.