Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Going Private

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Happy 4th!

As you can see, I am trying to catch up our blog. It has been too long since I last updated it.
For the Fourth, we got to see a parade (Stella got bored once the Harleys had passed by), swim and BBQ with our dear friends, and, of course, catch the fireworks at College Park. Love traditions, sometimes.

I can never get a decent picture of these two (Grandpa came with us to the parade)
Stella went into the petting zoo, but wouldn't touch anything except the bunny, which was too fast for her.

For watching Mom toss her beanbags for her (Stella begged and begged to do the beanbag toss, but wouldn't do anything once it got to be her turn), Stella got a whirley whistle and a snowcone. Yeah!

Beach Day

A couple weeks ago, we headed to the beach with some great friends. Stella and Miss Hayley became fast friends.
Enjoying some BBQ, beach style!

Of course the girls talked (and snapped pictures) while the guys ate

And the very professional family shot


Stella was soooo tired:

LOVE This Face!

Don't Interrupt the Artist

This Is What A Bowl of Watermelon Looks Like After Stella Has Been Left Alone With It...