Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ruby Turns 1!

Pretty cool that we get to celebrate Ruby's birthday every New Year's Eve. I can't believe how fast this past year flew by:

Ruby is our wildcard - you never know what she's gonna do next. She has the best bedhead around, as evidenced above. I can't imagine our little family without Ru!

Best Friends

Some great friends came out to Utah and we got to visit with them. Stella loves her friend Tori so much, it is such a treat to get to hang out with this sweet family. As you can see, they have so much fun together:


Stella tried soccer this past fall and loved it. She can't wait to start up again in a few months. She had the sweetest coach, who grew up playing. What a cute team! I will say that most of the time, Stella loved watching her feet run after the ball, more than anything. It was pretty cute!

Halloween 2011

We did a trunk-or-treat this year and had so much fun! Stella was a renaissance princess, and was so lucky to have her Ya-Ya make her a beautiful costume:

And Ruby was the cutest Cupid you have ever seen:

My Cuties:


Last October we took a day trip out to Vernal, with my family, to check out some dino bones. Is was so much fun! Stella couldn't ask enough questions, and Ruby loved being able to run around everywhere, after having to sit in a ca for a few hours.

Ruby and Stella hamming it up in the car

My Cuties (all three of them):

My oh-so-serious fam:

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well. It has been a little while. Stella turned 5 in July - such a fun little party complete with fun Uncle Scotty & Auntie Sarah, a pinata, and enormous water fight throughout the neighborhood. Stella LOVES Kindergarten, and has such a sweet teacher. She loves reading to anyone who will sit for her (especially Ruby). Stella got her first taste of playing soccer in the fall, and can't wait to start up again this spring. She continues to amaze me with her kindness and compassion towards others, her patience with her little sister, and her ever-evolving sense of humor.

Ruby was just four months old when we moved out to Utah. She is a crazy little one. She never sits still. Always has to check out what's going on around her. She talks and runs. Her favorite this right now is climbing stairs (up and down). She enjoys any toy that makes sounds, and can't help shaking her little booty, whenever the music starts. She adores Stella, and can't wait to wake her up every morning. Ruby has six teeth, that are always on display because the girl is almost always smiling. She has certainly changed the dynamic of our little family, and keeps things fun and unpredictable. She turned one last week (New Year's Eve), and I still marvel at how she's changed since we brought her home from the hospital a year ago.

Glenn stays busy with school, kids and work. He has been so great as I transition to living away from all of our dear friends (really, our family). We are eagerly awaiting snow. Lots of snow. We live 15 minutes from the nearest ski resort and cannot wait to hit the slopes with Stella this year. All in all, it has been a bit of a rough year, with many amazing highlights. So grateful for my little family and the happiness they bring. For those of your who live far away, we miss you all dearly. Happy New Year!