Friday, September 19, 2008


Yep, that's right. We are finally rid of it. Stella didn't even look back. We should have done this sooner, but I admit I was a bit of a chicken. I treasure the very little sleep I have been getting each night for the last two + years. Of course Stella came through like the champ she is. She still needs her warm milk before bed, but it now comes to her in a sippy cup.
Stella is into pretend play, these days. She is constantly talking to her little figurines that usually hang out in each of those cute little hands. Most always I hear her repeat things to her little friends, that she has heard either Glenn or myself say to her: "Are you my tired little baby?", "Go to sleep", "You get a time out!" (Stella rarely gets a time out, but her friend Drew needs them more often, so I think she hears Jen say this), "Are you hungry?", "Can we change your diaper?", "Wanna snuggle?", "Let's git, git!", among other things.
Stella has a bunch of little plastic animals: One for each letter of the alphabet. So, for the letter ‘Y’, of course the animal is a yak. Stella only learned what the yak was last week. It just never came up before. She simply asked me what the animal was and what sound it made (I don’t think I will ever attempt to make that sound again). That was the extent of our discussion on yaks. Last night, we got home with a few new books for Stella. One of them had sketch of a yak on it. At bedtime, when I brought the books back to her room, she pointed at the picture and asked, “Is that a yak?” Such cute little sponges, at this age.