Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rolling Green

Last night we decided to picnic at the park for dinner. We did the usual, flew on the swings, ran around like crazy people, dug for buried treasure in the sand, and observed various creepy crawlies. The highlight for Stella, however, was learning how to roll down a grassy hill. Glenn decided to show her how it was done. To digress for a moment, let me just admit that Stella has recently been using this kind of fake sounding laugh. This courtesy chuckle appears when one of us is practicing our comedy or slapstick routine for Stella. But, Glenn rolling down a grassy hill in a public park beckoned forth a true belly laugh from our little one. Clearly it was the funniest thing she had seen in a while, because each and every roll down the hill elicited these beautiful, musical laughs from Little Miss. The only thing that topped it, was when Glenn took Stella with him rolling down the hill.

Here are a few other pics from our park date:

Our Little Fairy Princess

My little girlie-girl could spend all day playing dress up. Her latest acquisition: A pair of colorful, sparkly wings with a matching wand. Our fairy loves to go around changing people into princes and princesses with just a wave of her wand. Of course coordinating accessories and a Tinkerbell nightgown are a must (and we musn't forget the shades).