Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yeah...Yeah...I know.

Oh, boy… I have been slacking a bit with our blog page – sorry folks!
Let’s see, Thanksgiving was so much fun with just the three of us. Glenn tackled the ‘Turkey Task’ for the first time this year. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as Glenn loved doing it) for the G-Man it was the best bird I have ever eaten, thus permanently moving that job over to his list of Thanksgiving chores. After our little dinner, we took Stella to see Bolt. Her first movie in a theater was ‘Kung-Fu Panda’. She barely made it through that one, sitting still (quite an impressive feat for a less-than-two-year-old). There weren’t many people to see our movie, so, about halfway through Stella got to wander around the theater a bit, while she finished the film. She was great, and still asks us to “…put in the Bolt movie”. We got in some much needed family time – so great!
Since the first Christmas lights went up in our neighborhood (a little before our Spectacular Turkey Feast), Stella has been focused on Christmas. She understands a bit about giving presents, and has seen ‘Polar Express’ more times than I care to admit. There seems to be a bit of an overlap, though, between Halloween and Christmas, as Stella is always asking us what we are going to be for Christmas. Stella will tell you that she is going to be Jack the Pumpkin King for the holidays. We have seen the lights at the Oakland Temple, and have been to see the “Big, Huge Christmas Tree”, as Stella calls it, at Union Square. I suspect that decorating sugar cookies and making gingerbread houses will be on the agenda for the rest of the week.
Oh, yeah, after pulling an all-nighter, Glenn handed in his last paper of the semester. Time to catch up on sleep, and play like crazy – woo-hoo!!
Pictures to come...